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Yongjia County Valve produces all kinds of Y-type filter, blue filter, T-type filter, temporary filter, T40 control valve, KPF balance valve, SP45F digital balance valve, ZLF self-flow flow balance valve, Valve production enterprises. As a rising star of domestic heating high-rise building. We continue to develop new products, and always put the quality management as the first pursuit of goals, carry forward the struggle ahead, striving for first-class spirit, in the valve industry continue to grow and develop, production of cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, The best-selling products of the major heating companies, water companies, oil, chemical, high-rise buildings, paper, medicine, wine, fire systems and other enterprises and institutions, the majority of customers by the trust and praise the company's quality management system, The industry has become a strong strength and competitiveness of the valve business.